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VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics has over 35 years of experience in clinical research, with multiple clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Our centre has the expertise in multi-cultural skin, with access to a wide range of skin tones, phototypes, pigmentation concerns, and other skin conditions. Each step during a study is handled by our properly trained, licensed experts to ensure accurate results with safety in mind. Our dedicated staff can take your product through the testing required for regulatory compliance and meet and surpass your specific needs.

Founder & Head of Research

Vermén M. Verallo-Rowell, M.D. Is a respected expert in sunscreens, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, novel uses of actives in skin diseases (virgin coconut oil, coconut derived monoglycerides, etc.), acne, cosmetic dermatology, and nutrition plus lifestyle in dermatology. She is a well cited author of multiple clinical studies published in such journals as Dermatitis, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, British Journal of Dermatology and Archives of Dermatology. Dr Verallo-Rowell is a sought-after speaker around the world. She has been a pioneer researcher since her award-winning paper in Cutis on the analysis on hair in hair loss in 1965, as a young resident at Cleveland Clinic, and has conducted numerous clinical studies for such companies as Abbott, Candela, Galderma, Pfzer, Roche, Sandoz Schering AG, Schering Plough, VMV Hypoallergenics, and Wyeth. Many of which she has published and/ or presented. Dr. Verallo-Rowell continues to perform multiple clinical research studies on cosmetics, laser treatments, pharmaceuticals and regulatory trials annually through her own research protocols. On her own study interests as well as from requesting companies.

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